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Joy > Happiness

At Caldwell Communities, our team is passionately inspired by the belief that joy is a much higher bar than happiness. Real joy is the byproduct of a lifestyle that focuses on true well-being, beyond physical health. This philosophy is the foundation for LiveWell, a holistic health and wellness program that we implement across all of our communities.

Through LiveWell, Caldwell Communities aims to cultivate authentic joy through a comprehensive approach that pursues wellness in every sense of the word. We think a joyful life is straight ahead at a Caldwell Communities master planned community.

Here’s to laughter, learning, and always living well.

by Caldwell Communities

Our LiveWell Pillars

The LiveWell program is built on our LiveWell Pillars—six key areas that we know from extensive experience make a genuine impact on the overall quality of life. Together, these six ideals, or pillars, create a big picture approach to joy and good health in our communities.

LiveWell in Action

Through thoughtfully designed amenities, carefully crafted resident activities, and engaging community events, Caldwell Communities sets the stage for joy. Our LiveWell program is an easy, fun, and rewarding way to achieve that perfect balance of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Listen to our Founder and CEO Fred Caldwell talk about LiveWell and see the program in action in our communities!

Let’s talk about Living Well, Together

To inquire about partnership opportunities or for more information about Caldwell Communities' LiveWell lifestyle program, please contact Amanda Grace Morris at or 281.664.6625.

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